Inchicore Sponsored Heritage Walk

Article Posted: Monday 9th August, 2010

Inchicore on Track
Inchicore on Foot: A Sponsored Heritage Walk

Donít miss a unique opportunity to discover the rich history of the Inchicore/Kilmainham area, while at the same time playing your part in protecting its future.

On Saturday September 11th 2010 Inchicore on Track is hosting Inchicore on Foot, a specially designed sponsored heritage walk through the Inchicore and Kilmainham area.

Along the way local historians will talk you through the rich architectural, industrial and cultural history of the area. And all walkers will be supplied with detailed notes bursting with historical detail that will bring the walk to life.

The walk will begin at 1pm at the Inchicore Sports and Social Club and will take approximately 2 hours.

To book your place on the walk and to get a sponsorship card, call John Newberry on 087 2263232 or email jdlnewberry (at)

There is no minimum sponsorship amount required to take part. All contributions are most welcome.

All funds raised will go to Inchicore on Track.

Inchicore on Track is a
campaign of the Residents Association which represents the residents of The Inchicore Railway Estate.

Inchicore On Trackís campaign aims to achieve a proper planning framework and a real and meaningful consultation process in relation to the proposed extension of the Dart Underground Project to Inchicore.

In addition, we wish to develop a vision for a sustainable future for the
Works Estate and surrounding area.