Bord Pleanala application for Inchicore station and Dart today

Article Posted: Wednesday 30th June, 2010

The formal application for the Dart underground rail project in Dublin will be lodged with An Bord Pleanála today.

If approved, the Dart underground will deliver a high-capacity rail line through the city centre.

The project will involve the construction and operation of approximately 8.6 Km of new rail (7.6 Km of which will be in tunnels).

The twin-bore tunnels will connect the northern and Kildare rail lines with underground stations located at Spencer Dock, Pearse, Station, Stephen’s Green, Christchurch and Heuston Station, as well as a surface Dart station at Inchicore.

It is estimated that close to 7,000 people will be employed each year during its proposed construction.

Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey said the application was "an important stepping stone" towards and improved system of public transport in Ireland.

"The submission of the Railway Order for the Dart Underground brings closer the vision of a mass transit system outlined in Transport 21, and in tandem with Metro North will transform public transportation in the Greater Dublin Area”.

A Railway Order is the equivalent of a planning permission for new rail schemes and, if granted, will authorise permit CIÉ to commence the project.

(The Irish Times)