Playground opens in Inchicore

Article Posted: Wednesday 23rd June, 2010

The new playground on Grattan Crescent got off to a fine start on Tuesday with a lively opening under blue skies and a hot sun.

It may be the only playground that the cash-strapped council can afford to open this year, but the good news is that it's in our area.

The construction of the playground followed years of lobbying by local residents, particularly in the nearby CIE and Woodfield Estates. Local council manager Bruce Phillips also played a key role in sourcing the funding that allowed for the facility to be built.

The pent-up demand from families with young children is already evident, with hundreds of people thronging the playground each day since it opened.

The playground has equipment suitable for children of all ages up to 14 and there are also benches for parents and minders to sit on.

There's been a bit of a litter problem as a result of its popularity but the council has been asked to provide a bin in the enclosed area.

Officially, the playground is a temporary facility as the council has plans to develop the park with apartments before putting in a permanent structure. Given the state of the economy and property rights issues in the area, it's unlikely that much will change here for some time to come.