Irish Rail consultation this week

Article Posted: Sunday 29th November, 2009

Irish Rail rolls back into this part of town this Tuesday in the Hilton Hotel, between 5 and 8 pm for another one of their consultations, or should that be "consultations".

By now the railway order (equivalent to a planning applications) should been in with An Bord Pleanala for this particular behemoth but in the current climate I suppose it's no surprise that things are running a bit late.

Irish Rail and the politicians are still saying it's full steam ahead on the project, in spite of the general lack of money/credit in the economy, so we'll have to take them at their word.

It will be interesting to see what new information they will provide over the sparse briefing they gave in April. Apparently, we can expect information on the following:
Updated Route Schematic
* Overall Proposed Alignment Drawing (entire route)
* Schematic Transport Network

* Proposed Station Layout at Heuston
* Visualisation of Proposed Heuston Station
* Proposed Traffic Management Plans at Heuston
* Proposed Construction Site Layout at Heuston

* Proposed Station Layout at Inchicore
* Proposed Construction Access Route (Via Kylemore Way)
* Construction Methodology Drawing
* Proposed Layout of Completed Station at Inchicore
* Proposed Access Routes to Inchicore
* Proposed Construction Phases at Inchicore Parade (Sections)
* Proposed Construction Phases at Inchicore Parade (Plan View)
* Proposed Traffic Management Drawings at Inchicore Parade (x3)
* Proposed Inchicore Station - Visualisation
* Proposed Plan and Profile Drawings indicating rock levels and
section profile of tunnel and the proposed location of the shaft in
Memorial Park.

You can see the picture of the proposed station opposite; it's a pretty generic, give-no-secrets-away piece of cut and paste from some architectural software. Hopefully, the other information will be more detailed, though I see there's still no info yet on the noise/dust/vibration levels to be expected from the project.

Irish Rail consultation this week