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Article Posted: Friday 28th August, 2009

This week sees the first meeting between Irish Rail and IOT on developing a consultation process.

In advance of this Irish Rail met with the residents of George's Villas to discuss the particular implications for their properties.

During this meeting the following information on the proposed construction was gained. It's not pretty. It confirms our worst fears, as stated in the Position Statement that:

"The current proposed location of the portal construction site in the heart of a residential area is unacceptable because we think it would have an invasive, disruptive and detrimental impact on the Inchicore Estate and the lives and health of its people during the construction and operational phases. A residential area is simply not suitable to host work of this scale and duration. This is compounded by the loss of amenities and green areas for local residents, sports clubs and school. The quality of life of the residents would be severely compromised for a period in excess of 5 years".

We will be notifying our public representatives of this information immediately but we would strongly urge all residents to take it on themselves to use this information and let all their public representatives know the depth of their concerns. They should ask the public reps to make good on their promises of support.

Latest info....


Construction site would be working 24 hours a day. 20 hours of significant plant movement and 4 hours of maintenance.

The construction site would be lit to the levels of the Con Colbert road junction.

There would be up to 140 large lorry movements each day on the site. That's one HGV every 3-4 minutes during peak construction.

This works compound would be in use for 3.5 years minimum.

The hoarding around the compound would be about 6 metres (20 feet) high.

The digging of the hole for the TBMs would be done by heavy machinery, and spoil would be removed by truck up along Inchicore Parade and out through the back of the works.

The TBMs would be assembled in the compound – the machines are about as long as St Patrick’s Terrace (x2). This assembly would take 3 months of 24 hr day working.

The TBM (tunnel boring machines) are now only going to Heuston from Inchicore, and they envisage that this would take approx nine months.

Cut and cover construction between SGV and St Patricks Terrace would be normal builders hours (all day Mon-Fri, half day Saturday).

This cut and cover works to facilitate the site entrance would take approximately one year.

During this time there would be large drilling machinery, 50 trucks a day, 12/18 concrete wagons a day, 2 reinforced steel trucks each day – plus all the associated noise/personnel etc.

There is an entrance to the compound on West Square next to the Club, as well as the main entrance at the works entrance.

There would be around 400 personnel working in the compound with associated parking, noise etc.

The project is no longer being pursued as a PPP – other options are now being discussed.

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