Irish Rail responds to Inchicore residents on Dart project

Article Posted: Thursday 13th August, 2009

Irish Rail has tentatively agreed to a formal consultation process with Inchicore residents about the Dart Underground project.

The company says the consultation process suggested by Inchicore on Track is "worthy of further examination" and wants to meet IoT representatives to discuss their proposal further.

Irish Rail's seeming willingness to improve the level of its engagement with the local community is contained in a letter from Peter Muldoon, project director of the Dart Underground, to IoT.

Two consultation meetings held by Irish Rail in Inchicore to explain their proposals earlier this year left local residents deeply dissatisfied with the amount of information being provided by the company. Following the last meeting, IoT wrote to the company to explain its dissatisfaction with the company's stance and suggestion a formal consultation mechanism involving an independent mediator.

Although the Dart Underground project, which will link the east and west of the city by tunnel, has been in planning for several years, it was only in last April that the portal of the tunnel would be built in the CIE Estate. Irish Rail intends to submit a railway order (planning application) for the project later this year, even though testing is ongoing in Inchicore and few details have been provided to locals.