Councillors call for consultation on Inchicore Dart proposal

Article Posted: Sunday 19th July, 2009

Dublin south-west inner city councillors have called on Irish Rail to formally consult with Inchicore residents over its plans for an underground Dart line in the area.

Councillors passed an emergency motion at their area meeting last week calling on the State-owned transport company to set up a formal consultation process with ‘Inchicore on Track’, the group formed to campaign on the issue on behalf of local residents.

Councillors also called on the overall council to bring pressure to bear on Irish Rail to ensure that this process is set up without delay.

The motion, which was passed by all local representatives, will come before the council proper shortly.

Irish Rail recently announced plans to extend its underground Dart interconnector project to Inchicore, with the main construction works for the tunnel portal to be sited in the CIE Estate.

Councillors also passed a second motion to ask the area manager to fast-track consideration of ACA (Architectural Conservation Area) status for the CIE Estate in the light of the proximity of Irish Rail's plans, which would have a massive impact on the area.