Blue Cross in Inchicore

Article Posted: Friday 3rd July, 2009

At the new Irish Blue Cross clinic in Inchicore, pet owners arrive to collect their animals who were operated on earlier in day. The Inchicore unit is the first permanent clinic in the 64-year history of the Blue Cross, which has been operating mobile clinics around Dublin for decades, and it’s already very busy. Martha from Ballybrack is here for Trigger, a mongrel pup she took in after he was abandoned outside her brother’s house. “He was in a very bad way,” she says. “So we took him to the Blue Cross [mobile clinic] to get him checked out and they recommended we take him here to be neutered.” Michelle, a mother of three, is collecting her spaniel. “When I left her here this morning I was really nervous, I don’t know what I was expecting,” she says. “And I have to say, I’d be happy to leave the kids here. It’s gorgeous.” The Blue Cross offers low-cost veterinary treatment for needy pet owners, and their services are more in demand than ever: last year they treated over 15,000 small animals. This means they need to raise more funds. Although they receive some Government funding, the Blue Cross relies on donations from supporters. These days, however, people may not be so willing – or able – to give, and animals may not seem like a top priority. The new Blue Cross premises is at 15A Goldenbridge Indusrial estate, Tyrconnell Road Inchicore. Further Info from www.bluecross .ie