Memorial Park vandalised

Article Posted: Sunday 28th June, 2009

Vandals set fire to one of the pergolas in the Memorial Park over the weekend, badly damaging the overhead wooden rafters and much of the clematis and other plants.

OPW staff could be seen removing the charred timbers and burnt foliage on Saturday morning, after it was set on fire sometime on Friday night.

Lutyens' gardens are looking their finest just at the moment, with all the fine weather showing the in-bloom roses and other flowers to best advantage. What a pity then that some people are blind to this beauty and can only bring themselves to destroy an amenity enjoyed by so many others.

Mind you, should the OPW be surprised? Nighttime drinking sessions have been taking place for months just outside the park, in particular at the northern end of the pedestrian bridge over the Galway Road, which connects with the riverside walkway to Chapelizod.

Dublin City Council spends massive amounts on refurbishing this stretch of the river two years ago - and even then, never finished the job - but never thought to liaise with the gardai to ensure that vandalism was minimised.

The result? The burning of the support struts on the new lime trees that were planted, and then some idiots started hacking down the trees to burn them, green sap and all.