New Dart Line promised for Inchicore

Article Posted: Monday 6th April, 2009

Inchicore has missed out on the Luas - twice - but now Irish Rail is talking about bringing a new underground line to Inchicore.

In a revision of its plans for an undeground line crossing the city centre, it says the DART Underground tunnel, a second high-capacity DART line through the heart of the city centre, will be extended to Inchicore.

That means the new line will link Docklands to Heuston, and then Inchicore, via tunnel.

The tunnel entrance would be on the CIE lands at Inchicore, where local residents have already noticed some boring (!) activity.

A full application will be made later in the year but at this stage it looks like the Inchicore stop would be provided later, after the originally planned cross-city connector is put in place.

Starting the tunnel at Inchicore rather than Heuston means there will be less disturbance of existing rail and Luas networks. Neither would there be any need to increase the number of tracks coming into Heuston from the west, with the property acquisition costs that would involve.

As yet, we haven't heard a date for completion of this ambitious project, but Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey appears to be "on message".

It isn't all good news. Provision of such a major public transport hub in the CIE Estate would have major implication for the area. CIE and private property developers are likely to seek to develop adjacent land at high densities, which will hardly sit well with the existing fabric of the area.