Local election field fills out

Article Posted: Sunday 29th March, 2009

With less than three months to go to the local elections, the political parties have already started campaigning.

Here in Inchicore, most of the parties have selected their candidates, though there may yet be a few surprise runners who will emerge closer to polling date.

The field includes some familiar names and faces, some new candidates and some candidates who haven't been heard of much in recent times.

For Fine Gael, Clare Byrne will be hoping to hold the seat won by her mother Catherine in the last local elections. Clare, of course, has been sitting on the city council for the past two years since her mother was elected to the Dail and then bequeath the council seat to her daughter.

Sinn Fein will be confident that Criona O Dalaigh can hold on to the seat she took up when Andrew O'Connell, the party's candidate in the last elections, decided to move on to other things.

Labour's veteran councillor John Gallagher is running again. He comes from the Liberties, at the other end of the constituency, but the party is running a second candidate, Rebecca Moynihan. She hails from Reuben Street in Rialto.

Fianna Fail is also running two candidates, Catherine Ardagh and Anita Reilly.

Catherine's father Sean is the local TD, her mother Marie is a councillor in South Dublin and her brother Charlie is a councillor in Crumlin!

However, local party activists were none too pleased at the Ardagh family's attempts to extend its dynasty to the Dublin south-west inner city ward. Their favoured candidate was community activist and mother of two Reilly.

The resulting two-candidate strategy represents a compromise but it remains to be seen if it is the best way for the party to recover the seat it lost in the last election.

For the Greens, Martin Hogan is a new candidates who has already been canvassing in the Inchicore area.

The only other candidate we are aware of is Tina McVeigh for the People Before Profit alliance. If you know of any others, do let us know.