Councillors vote to axe South Central projects

Article Posted: Tuesday 25th November, 2008

Ten major projects to improve facilities in Dublin South Central have been axed or put on the long finger after Dublin city councilors voted to approve next year's budget at their meeting on Monday night.
The result is a disaster for this part of the city, with long-awaited and long promised projects put on the back burner. More than half of the projects around the city which were cut back because of the council's financial problems were in the South Central area.
It isn't just the projects we've lost; it's also about the blood, sweat and tears contributed by local people to get facilities in our area and the hours spent in consultations which have now proved fruitless.
With Fianna Fail and Labour councillors voting for the budget, we presume Labour's John Gallagher voted for the cuts. The parties to which the two other councillors in this area, Clare Byrne of Fine Gael and Criona Ni Dhalaigh of Sinn Fein, belong voted against the deal. Worth remembering when the politicians come knocking for votes in next year's local elections.
Among the long-awaited projects which have now been axed or deferred are the Kilmainham/Inchicore urban space project, the Rialto project, the Lutyens Gateway to the Memorial Gardens, the Inchicore environmental improvements, CAMAC Greenlink, Cork Street regeneration, the footbridge over the Liffey at Chapelizod, Thomas Street environmental improvements, the open space at Ballyfermot Community Civic Centre and School Street car park.