New play on suicide comes to Inchicore

Article Posted: Sunday 11th November, 2018

'Bring Me Back Alive', by Patricia McCann, is billed as "a play confronting the tragedy of suicide in our communities and in our families".

You can see in St Michael's Community Centre on Friday, November 30th, at 7.30pm.

Admission is free and the event is supported by Dublin City Council.

Here's a review of the play by Darren Kelleher Artistic Director ACTORS VISION Cork

I went to see Bring Me Back Alive (Play) on Friday...what an exceptional piece of modern theatre. It absolutely floored me. Patricia's writing and understanding of real social issues is second to none. With her work she makes theatre accessible to everyone, and that's a rarity these days. The cast should be equally commended for bringing this play to life with such truth and vulnerability. Together they have created a show which is everything theatre should be...real, believable, provoking, healing & changing. I challenge anyone to see this play and not be moved.