Council promises works to "mudbath" playground

Article Posted: Wednesday 7th December, 2011

Dublin City Council says it will install a new surface on the playground in Inchicore after complaints about waterlogging.
The council's parks and landscape services inspected the playground recently in response to complaints relayed by Sinn Fein councillor Criona Ni Dhalaigh.
Officials acknowledged the surface needs to be improved through the installation of new drainage.
However, works cannot be carried out until conditions dry out in the new year.
Ni Dhalaigh said that while Inchicore was a nice little playground, the ground works appeared to have been done "on the cheap".
"Every other playground has this nice soft bouncy tarmac. But Inchicore just had a rubber mat embedded in the grass."
"The result is that in the past few weeks, it has turned into a mud bath and was even closed for a few days.
Ni Dhalaigh says the rubber mat has collapsed into the ground so that there are muddy puddles at the bottom of every item in the park. "Now, while Peppa Pig might be delighted with that, it is not so great for the people of Inchicore or their children."