Liffey Valley Park vandalised

Article Posted: Sunday 13th March, 2011

This is what has happened to the lovely walkway down to the Liffey over the weekend.

Most of the trees, which were put in only a few years ago, have been smashed down by a pair of joyriding cars, which were later burned out.

This is the culmination of a long series of anti-social activity in the area, which seems to have been completely neglected by the council and the gardai.

The walkway was already strewn with countless broken bottles, which were never cleared, and burned out motorbikes took weeks to be removed.

It's all deeply dispiriting that the refurbishment of the Liffey walkway should end like this. And to think the British Queen will shortly be visiting the Memorial Park; I don't think she'll be coming in this way.

Liffey Valley Park vandalised