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k. Egan07/02/2017Today on Newstalk Inchicore has been mentioned with regard to Injection Centre. What is opinion of residents?
jim08/02/2017I presume the fact Catherine Bryne is championing this policy means Inchicore was always a likely area to be chosen. This and the fact that more social housing is earmarked for the locality is very worrying.
Very concerned09/02/2017If it is Catherine Byrne's doing, then I am sure that she would be delighted if they put the injection centre in a residential house on Bulfin Road as close as possible to Catherine Byrne's home. Perhaps even put it in her sitting room?
kEgan09/02/2017Well time now for residents of Inchicore to canvass their public representatives no matter what party. Decent residents with families etc will be greatly affected by this and also council dumping all social housing.
johnboy10/02/2017This is an absolute nightmare, Inchicore will be over ran with junkies and dealers. Get out now if you can. Catherine Byrne is a total disgrace to the area.
Lauren27/02/2017I've been studying the introduction of safe injection rooms in Canada and Switzerland and I'm impressed with the results--both for communities and for people suffering from addiction. I would much prefer that people in our community will be able to access a safe place to use drugs, and not do it on the streets where they are doing harm not only to themselves, but potentially to anyone who interrupts them.

In safe rooms, addicted persons are also able to access other services that can aid their recovery. I think if as a community we can show compassion and openness we can do a lot of good for people who are terribly marginalised in our society. There is a great spirit of volunteerism and community action in Inchicore and I hope we can lead the way on this issue.
kEgan27/02/2017Lauren, you obviously have not been reading the stats with regard to crime around these centres, and letters to the papers from Irish residents in Vancouver?Australia All say surrounding streets to centres have zombie like junkies walking around, so if you think this would improve Inchicore as a community good on you! Mannix Flynn in discussion with Catherine Byrne(rte TV) said it as it is, THERE ARE NO DETOX BEDS, PUT THE MONEY IN THERE.
Michael09/03/2017Hi k Egan, can you link to the stats you mentioned so we can discuss? Thanks! Michael
kEgan09/03/2017Michael think it was the Journal, and it came from Irish people who live abroad Vancouver and Australia where there are Injecting Centres. Can watch interview on Podcast, think Mannix Flynn also has stats, so you can make query via email to him.
Johnboy18/03/2017We had a problem outside the eurospar a couple of years ago. It's seems some of the ethnic race, who are housed for free are trying to start the same trouble! One particular boy, who has never been to school, I won't name him but he has a noticeable red birth mark on his face! He is dangerous, even the gardai, won't approach him!
I don't have an opinion to offer on injection centres at this time but I have to respond top JohnnyBoys ridiculous post. We all know the kid you are talking about and yes he and his friends cause problems in the area at times. To say he is dangerous is an exaggeration, at least in part. While I guess he could threaten the security of the elderly or young kids, he is no danger to adults of either gender. Your statement that even the police fear him is beyond silly, its ludicrous. To exaggerate the threat this boy presents is scandalous; like it or not he is a member of our community and deserves to be judged on his behaviours only, rather than your fantasies. The situation outside Spar, and around the area in general, relating to anti social behaviour has improved very considerably in recent years. Two and three years ago there was a regular bunch of teenagers from Inchicore, Drimnagh and further afield, who were a constant presence around the local shops and caused considerable hassle for businesses and residents. The majority of them seem to have moved on; I hope at least some of them have matured and are now doing well in life. As a father of a, albeit well behaved, teenager in Inchicore it grates me to read the anti-youth ranting that I have seen on some posts on this forum over the years. I don't want to exaggerate as most people are fine, but there seems to be quite a few of the JohnnyBoys who resent the fact that young people exist, especially those who do not meet their standards of socialisation. This is not Terenure, this is a working class area and as such there will always be a few families who do not raise their kids well and said kids will be a pain for the rest of us for periods of their teenage years. We should of course look to law enforcement to tackle problems and we should all watch out for vulnerable neighbours and community members.