Social housing

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Johnboy15/12/2016I think we have enough Social housing in Inchicore. Why can't they build social housing in Carrickmines, Foxrock, Blackrock etc..! Inchicore is full, if you own a property in Inchicore, it will be worth fuck all, when they build on the old st Michaels!
Sean15/12/2016I agree johnboy, we need a campaign to stop building in st michaels they did it Carrickmines so why not inchicore
Tim15/12/2016I'm not against new homes being built in the area but I do find it concerning that over 30% is for social housing. It seems very high and I do think it will be a negative impact on the village. It should be no more than 10% in my eyes.

If this house bulding is done correctly with more private homes going up for sale then it could actually be a boost for the village. What would be the best way to object to this. Would it be via the council or maybe Catherine Byrne (TD). Would many people support the objection do you think?

kEgan15/12/2016Inchicore has so much social housing, I would imagine lots of home owners in apts,bulfin estate would certainly support lobbying against this. Minister for Housing, S.Coveney has said that areas with social housing are not going to get dumped with more!! Its supposed to be spread evenly what a laugh all the NIMBYS! Tony Flynn heads up Housing in Dublin City Council, so you need your local politicians to object to him directly. This man demeanour leaves a lot to be desired, so good luck!
Ruth16/12/2016This cannot be allowed to go ahead. I have already seen what type of people that were housed on Thomas Davis street west. If you own a property in the area it will be worthless.
Johnjoe18/12/2016A nice 30%, us knacker, gypsy gangs are taking 100% haha we will rule Inchicore. Call me a knacker to my face, I'll visit your home, car!
mikey20/12/2016Shame on you for using those names johnjoe. Have reported this abuse to Pavee Point. You are giving us a bad name and many of us live and respect our area and neighbours.
Jemma22/12/2016The point is that travellers gangs do take over an area. If and when they do build on Michaels estate it's goodbye inchicore, welcome to Hell!