Homes for sale?

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Lauren07/12/2016Hi everyone,

My partner and I have really fallen in love with Inchicore and are hoping to find a forever home. We've been making offers but seem to be swooped by investors every time. I thought I'd post here in case anyone has any tips or knows of someone who would like to sell and doesn't want their home turned into a rental property. I'm big into renovations and community gardens, while my partner works in IT. We currently have a dog Rosie who loves romping around in the Kilmainham parks. We hope to have children and think Inchicore would be a perfect place to start a family with all of the schools and amenities.

Thanks very much,

On the old St Michaels estate there are plans to build houses there. Some will be social housing but some will be private so you might get a decent house here at a decent price. Not sure when they are planned for though.
Lauren08/12/2016Thanks Sean, I'll look into that!
c12/12/2016Hi Lauren, there's a house for sale across the road from me on Jamestown Ave. Needs a makeover but not much. We've lived here 4 years and converted our attic so you can certainly add an extra kid's room (head height is restricted). Gardens are big and it's very quiet. We've lovely neighbours. Less than five mins from Luas, Londis, creche, and primary school. Playground around the corner due to be revamped early 2017.
Johnboy15/12/2016Hi Lauren, I am not from Inchicore but living here 12 years now and love the area. But if they build on the green field site in St Michaels estate it will be the end of Inchicore. They will house travellers, drug addicts and scumbags there, so I see no future for Inchicore.