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- Our Autumn Photo competition!
Announcing the second ever Inchicore Environmental Group photo competition!

Inchicore with canals, riverbanks, parks and whatnot can looks lovely in Autumn so we thought weíd celebrate that in a small way. Although itís a little late, Autumn is still hanging in there. All are welcome to enter. We are looking for snaps of Autumn in Inchicore. First prize is 100 euro OneForAll voucher, two runners up prizes of 50 euro tokens each If the photo isnít exactly Inchicore but Kilmainhamish or Bluebellish or Drimnish or Rialtish thatís fine but donít be sending us lions from the Serengeti. Likewise, it might be more wintry by the time you take thatís fine but swimming togs or swallows building nests are a bit of a giveaway that this is an old snap.

- Photos from our last cleanup
- The Kilmainham Inchicore Network
- Our Next Cleanup
- Our CHristmas Get Together