Roadworks at night

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Jim Daniels 29/09/2016I live in the Tramyard. It's 11.15 pm and I can still hear the noise of roadworks or some other construction work taking place on the street - probably Emmet Road. Does anybody know the regulations or law about this? Is it worth complaining or investigating? There are several links on the Net but they don't really shed any light.
Jim Daniels30/09/2016Well that lasted throughout the entire night!
Alan c30/09/2016Hi Jim,
These works are being carried out on behalf of Dublin City Council, and with their permission.
You should contact to complain.
The roadworks section of their website does not list this work so they are probably not following legal requirements with this work.
Jim Daniels30/09/2016Thanks Alan. They've just started again, probably for the night. I suppose they don't want to cause road delays during the day, so I'm not sure if it warrants a complaint.

Pretty annoying though. Surprised I can hear it from here with the windows closed - although the machinery is seriously heavy duty - steam rollers etc. They seem to be re-surfacing Emmet Road.
kEgan02/10/2016Jim, state 8.00-23.00. As you state these are very noisy and certainly are going on right into the night fri/sat about 3.a.m. Also there is no crossing for any pedestrian who wants to cross road at Eurospar.
Cllr Greg Kelly05/10/2016Hi Cllr Greg Kelly here

I have received a number of complaints about the road works. The Licence that they are working under states that they can use Heavy Machinery untill 11.00pm and then can work without heavy machinery until 06.00am
They have the lecence untill 30th Oct but I think they are finishing on the 16th Oct
Here are 2 numbers to make complaints to
6pm-6am Niall Martin 086 7717015
8am-6pm Graham Doyle 087 2792090
The above people work for Roadstone who have the contract
Alan c06/10/2016Cllr Kelly, I am assuming you contacted Roadstone yourself to complain on behalf of the constituents you represent? How did you get on?
Why are you not dealing with this instead of telling people to contact the contracter themselves, this is your role as a local rep.
If you don't want to do it then you should not be on the council.
Cllr Greg Kelly06/10/2016Alan C, I have been in contacted with both DCC and Roadstone once I was contacts by constituents.
Roadstone told me that they are operating within the licence that they have for the works by DCC.
DCC have told me that they will monitor the works to make sure they are working with in the Licence.
The reason I gave the numbers is that if a resident needed to complain or speak to someone directly after midnight they can ring someone.
Someone had already given DCC contact details on this.
Alan c06/10/2016Thanks Greg, I think I misinterpreted your last posting.
That's really good to know and a very positive development.
Cllr Greg Kelly06/10/2016Thank Alan that's no problem.
Its great to see the work been done but not at the expense of peoples sleep.