Inchicore Road - car interferred with

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Juneyroo30/07/2016A few weekends ago I woke up to find my back windscreen wiper hanging off the car. This morning I discovered that the glass from one of my wingside mirrors had been taken. As it is the second recent overnight incident to occur I have reported it to Kilmainham Garda Station.
kEgan31/07/2016Have a look at thread to "Plans for St. Michaels " and you will become aware of certain individuals who practice all the anti-social behaviour in Inchicore, esp cars!
derek trenaman06/09/2016Hi our cars have had wing mirrors expertly removed 3 times on two different types of cars over the last 1.5 years on Inchicore road, I have a suspicion there is someone taking parts to order for DOE tests
Mick24/09/2016They are housed on Thomas Davis street west, 2 traveller families, have taken over control of that area, rob everything that they can, the kids don't get to school, just intimidate ordinary people outside the eurospar! I can name them but won't, just watch for a thin teenager with a birthmark on his face its red, he is very dangerous, usually armed with a knife, never approach him!
Kenneth24/09/2016Your right Mick st Vincent st Thomas Davis St Emmett cresent are just cesspits full of traveller gangs, who rob the rest of Inchicore! The Garda are afraid of them but the people should stand up, no more social/traveller homes in Inchicore! We are full!
Mick24/09/2016It's the end of Inchicore, if more social housing gets built here! Back to the junkie days, no way. The last 2 social developments Thornton heights and Thomas Davis street west have brought crime back to Inchicore! No more, plenty of room in D4 and Foxrock for social housing!
go fuck yourself 27/12/2016inchicore got strocked yes rats
Henry30/12/2016Is there nobody monitoring this site? There are some really nasty people posting on here. I'm sure Keatinge's Pharmacy would not be too pleased to see how their sponsorship of this forum is being used.
Valetta30/12/2016New member here.

I've only just discovered this forum and think it could be really good and useful to the community in Inchicore.

However, it would need to be moderated strictly and promoted more, as without regular contributors it will just stagnate and people will lose interest.