Bulfin Estate - Rat in lane

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JP19/07/2016Hi - we're an end of terrace in Bulfin estate and about 2 weeks ago, we had a rat in the backgarden. I've done my best to secure all the ways in and out and now I've spotted rat droppings in the laneway outside the house. I contacted the HSE Pest Control Dept. who said they could call out to the house and put down bait in my back garden - but would not touch the lane, as it's public access - but advised me to contact the Roads Dept of Dublin City Council - DCC said they wouldn't deal with the laneway either, unless there was a drain on it, which there isn't.
We have an 8 month old baby girl who is crawling so I need to ensure the back garden area is safe and secure.

With the recent spate of good weather, it would be nice to feel comfortable enough to leave the back door open without fear of a rat entering the house.

Being so close to the canal, would anyone have any advice on this? Has this happened to people in the area already? What can be done to discourage rats from entering the lane / backgarden?

Any advice is much appreciated.


Zambo19/07/2016Get a cat...
JP19/07/2016Thanks Zambo - it's not a bad idea, however there are already plenty of cats around the area / laneway, which don't seem to deter the rats.
Jayo20/07/2016Just keep your doors closed and your 8 month old inside! Not being smart but some rat dropping are so small that you won't see them! Better safe then sorry!
Rosie20/07/2016Hi- saw one or two in back garden during the winter- happily haven't seen any for a while. Break up some poison and put in middle of a bit of pipe. Can get traps also. Near the canal there is bound to be a few- if people didn't 'feed ducks i.e rats, it would help...
Rosie20/07/2016Also if you know anyone with a Jack Russell type terrier- their original job was as 'ratters'. ...