Demand for restaurant?

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Peter McHugh13/05/2016Recently moved to Inchicore and am looking into opening a restaurant in the village. It surprises me there is more there already. What sort of demand do you think there might be? Are there many people out there who would visit a local restaurant serving healthy fare at a reasonable price?
Tom13/05/2016If it were along the lines of the Enotica Torino or Union 8 then I'd gladly welcome it. If it's another greasy spoon/takeaway then definitely not!
C13/05/2016Totally agree with Tom. Needs to look well too and attract people from all over the city. With Enoteca and union 8 we're doing well but it's nice to have a good choice of places to stroll to for a meal.
LM13/05/2016Count me in as well. Somewhere for good food/ good atmosphere. Also somewhere that is reasonably priced enough to bring whole family for a meal fairly regularly.
guest13/05/2016Hi Peter,

Definitely a market for it in terms of people but the size of the venue and which footpath it's on would be key.

In terms of history of restaurants, there really has only been enoteca and it has kept going for the last decade or so. there was a 'steak on the stone' place but it lasted barely a year. The menu was too limited so that if you went in and had your steak once, you weren't likely to back and spend 25 again. Nice people, shame to see them go but it was also during the teeth of the recession and it was small and not well ventilated inside.
Mulvey16/05/2016I would love another decent restaurant- think the demand is there definitely.
Peter McHugh16/05/2016Thanks for that feedback all, encouraging. I'm working on securing finance to open at present, so having even limited market feedback like this is very helpful. Any more of you that would like to comment please do so, again that would be very helpful. Our concept is most definitely not a take-away, rather an eat-in restaurant, offering interesting, wholesome and healthy food in a stylish, contemporary setting. Will keep you posted as things develop
Joanna16/05/2016I'd love to see a new restaurant too. Some thing like a good gastropub, like L Mulligan Grocer, or bistro type food
Sean16/05/2016Another decent restaurant would be most welcome. However I think the locaion is key. Unfortunately I think if you set it up in the village centre on Emmet Road it won't do well. The area there doesn't have a nice vibe. It is just a number of takeaways and shops with multi coloured signs. There is no consisteny thus it looks run down there. I think the person who own the buildings is trying to sell them but he doesn't seem to care what kind of business is set up in there just as long as they are occupied. I think first impressions are important and if it is in the area on Emmet Road then I don't think it would work. That's just my 2 cents. Best of luck with it anyway. Sean
Tom16/05/2016The building beside Enotica Torino is to let. That would make a lovely restaurant. So would the old Bank of Ireland on Tyrconnell Road. They might be too large for you though. Emmet Road itself is a bit of a dump though.
c16/05/2016I think there's someone living in the old Bank of Ireland. Have seen a family coming and going.
Sean17/05/2016And the pity is Tom that it would not take much to make the Village a little more presentable. I know people when they visit love the trees lining Tyrconnel Road and the wall around Grattan Park but when you take a right up Emmet Road it just looks a little depressing. If there was some way the council could make the business put up more uniform signage. Have a loot at Jamal's the window on the door has been broken for nearly 7 months and nothing done to fix it. It just looks awful.
c17/05/2016Is the Inchicore Inn still for sale? That has to be the most embarrassing sight for the village. I often think anyone coming through from town is faced with that in front of them as they enter Inchicore.
Mulvey17/05/2016Something like the Chop House in Ballsbridge or the downstairs options in Falllon and Byrne would be great in terms of casual good quality food. I agree that the look and location would be key. Union 8 have clearly spent a fortune on design but has prices to match, which means definitely a treat! A more Enoteca is great, with really nice staff, but gets a bit 'samey' when no other real options
Mulvey 17/05/2016For daytime/lunch options check out Pickles on Sundrive Road. Incredibly fresh sandwiches and salads- best in Dublin IMO. Farmhouse (Longmile) and Green Kitchen (Walkinstown)also have good daytime simple food but service is way too slow for people who have an hour to eat. Something like that during the 'work- day' with a more casual bistro/dinner option in the evening would be great.
Catherine18/05/2016Hi, Id love to be able to pop into a nice café for lunch with my daughter. Something, that serves practical good food at reasonable price, in a warm comfortable clean environment. I sometimes find cafes very bitty. A cross between Sunshine café in dun laoghaire or there is a very practical one in Deli liscous in Crumlin Village. If I wanted to go out for a evening meal, we are so close to the town, there is so much choice, id head there.
Bren18/05/2016Peter, I really like the idea of a new restaurant and I strongly believe that, with our ever developing community, the time is perfect for some new exciting places to relax, meet, eat and socialise. Undoubtedly there is a market for the right restaurant. Having lived here for 14 years I can see the changes starting to happen, we've got quite the "brunch bunch" foodies in Inchicore now..but nowhere in the village to enjoy that. We've seen the success of Union8 (okay, not everyones' taste but nobody can argue how successful it's been) and I think bringing more development closer to Inchicore would be fantastic. Agree with others' posts about location, choose carefully. There's a new cafe/bakery to open on Tyrconnell road - the business synergies between bakery and restaurant are obvious...and it's being designed by a local architect local economy opportunities are plentiful. I believe that 6 Tyrconnell Road has just applied for planning to turn 1st and 2nd floor into apartments but to retain ground floor for retail/commercial use. May be worth a look ? I really like Joanna's and Mulvey's posts about L Mulligan Grocer and the Chop House. Both so called gastropubs but great food and atmosphere and hugely successful. Obviously I don't know your detailed plan but I'm sure something similiar could be developed with the vacant Village Inn...and who can argue that Stoneybatter and Inchicore are similiar in many ways and becoming moreso. Wishing you the best with the plan and hoping to hear more soon. (sorry for the long post!)
Peter McHugh20/05/2016Again thanks for the feedback. It's 6 Tyrconnell Rd I'm actually interested in, the location mentioned by Bren. It's a nice size and has that potential patio area out front. Also good rear access for suppliers and waste. I've looked at space next to Inteco also but that's got more work to do. Will keep you all posted, and hope one day soon to have you along to a grand opening!
Tom20/05/2016Sounds good! What kind of menu are you talking about? Will it be open in the evening for those of us unfortunate to be in work during the day?
Peter McHugh24/05/2016The menu will be Mediterranean principally, but the intention is to tailor the offering to local demands and interests without being too "pure/pedantic" on what we want to do. The restaurant will be open day and night, including (once we're up and running a while) for breakfast/brunch at weekends.
M25/05/2016Wonderful - Hope it happens soon
Tadhg1726/05/2016I would definitely eat in a new local restaurant in Inchicore along with a lot of my neighbours, plenty of demand for a bistro/ restaurant in the village. Inchicore badly needs it! Often go to Enoteca and Union 8 is a great addition to the area. A new restaurant would a huge benefit to the village too. The Bank of Ireland space would be great or the space next door with space outside for tables, in the old Village Inn building or the empty space beside Enoteca Torino. Something along the lines of Mulligan Grocers in Stoneybatter would be great! Inchicore is similar now to what Stoneybatter was 7-8 years ago so definitely a good area to set up in. I hope it works out for you Peter.
Tadhg1726/05/2016Great to hear about a new cafe and bakery opening up too in the village. Places similiar to Inchicore like Cabra have a few very succesfull local cafes and bakeries, strange that Inchicore village has none. Would be a nice addition to the one on Bulfin road too.
alan C26/05/2016The old Ulster Bank is another option, there is space outside for tables here too.
Hopefully all these spaces will be filled in the years to come.
Tadhg1727/05/2016Yes, forgot about the old Ulster Bank space which is a decent size. Plenty of space outside for tables too.
Peter McHugh01/06/2016Thanks for ideas guys. The Ulster Bank space they're not interested in cafe/resto. Can't trace an owner/landlord for BoI building or Village Inn; space beside Enteco not great due to lack of access round back and no space out front either
G02/06/2016Hi Peter,

I assume you know that the owners of number 6 have put in a planning application for the property looking to convert the upstairs from offices to apartments and to add a balcony at the front?

If you want to get in touch with the owners of the other properties:

The Bank of Ireland building was granted a planning decision in February 2015 and according to the documents from that is owned by James McLaughlin & Tie Ying Xu. They own a shoe shop in Wicklow and mobile numbers are (087) 911 1929, (087) 232 5552 according to this article:

The Village Inn property is owned by Anvil Student Accommodation. C+ W O'Brien were the architects who submitted their failed application to turn it into student accommodation. Email:

Aisling09/06/2016A restaurant sounds lovely. What's really missing is a high quality cafe. There is an abundance of take aways but somewhere to go for a weekend brunch, for groups to meet for coffee or lunch and of course a nice sunday meal is really missing. It would be a real contribution to the community.
elaine30/12/2016Great news! I hope plan's are in progress. I recently moved to the area and like that feel options are limited in the area for cafe/bistro.
Henry30/12/2016Doesn't seem to be anything happening to this plan. No activity there at all.

On another note, does anyone know what's happened to the old Bank of Ireland? I see there's a sign over it saying 'Golden something or other' and there seems to be somebody living there.

"Golden Soles" is the name of the shoe shop in the former Bank of Ireland.

There is a preservation order on the building.

The building was sold to the current owners at the height of the recession for a very low price. The current owners live in the former Bank of Ireland also.

According to the post above, the current owners are James McLaughlin & Tie Ying Xu and they were granted a planning permission in February 2015 to convert the former Bank of Ireland into a shop and residential accommodation.

I am led to believe that they plan to import shoes from China and sell them from the former Bank of Ireland in Inchicore.