Litter along canal

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Mulvey 22/04/2016Hate moaning... but! Seriously people, If you want to feed the ducks, bring your bloody bread wrappers home with you. The litter from Suir Bridge to Connolly Avenue is getting much worse with anti-social drink cans etc without people with small kids teaching them to drop their crap everywhere. Rant over- have a nice Friday.
INchicore Environmental Group28/04/2016Hi Mulvey,

You can report litter to DCC by filling out the details at the more you report the better of an idea they have of the scale of a problem in a given area, the better idea they have, the better the chance of more resources being allocated to fixing it.

Or you could join in one of the cleanups organised by the voluntary Inchicore Environmental Group.

All the best,
INchicore Environmental Group28/04/2016(But yes, people thinking they're doing swans a favour by feeding them unsuitable food, then leaving plastic behind for swans and other birds to choke on is one of the more baffling things humans do.)
Mulvey 29/04/2016Hi- yep have logged it on fixmystreet and emailed the local councillors to see if at least one bin could be installed along that stretch. Have been meaning to join the group clean-up for ages-next one I swear!
Inchicore Environmental Group04/05/2016:) thanks for reporting that. That all helps. .If you're emailing councillors you're already an honorary member!
All the best