Greyhound Bins - dreadful service

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Tom13/04/2016I live in the CIE Estate and have had nothing but problems with Greyhound over the last 6 months. They will not empty our bins and they by-pass our road every time despite me phoning them up every week.

I want to switch to another provider. Any idea who is reliable?
Greyhound Customer14/04/2016I live in the CIE Estate and greyhound always collect my bins every Tuesday without fail. Is the road that you live on narrow and sometimes blocked by vehicles?
Tom14/04/2016No, it's quite wide and never blocked. They're just giving us the two fingers at this stage. I'm blue in the face ringing them every week to come back and empty them.
Guest18/04/2016Disclaimer: I own no shares in bin companies!

I've used thorntons since privatisation and have no complaints. timely, good natured. One time I missed the green bin pick up and the caught it again on a sort of a "saturday leftovers sweep up" they do, courteous on the phone, reasonably ok website. can't tell how they are on value as I get a bit bamboozled with the price options across the suppliers