Inchicore priest's

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gerry12/04/2016Overheard on the train to Belfast today, 1st priest, I'm based in Inchicore, 2nd priest, oh, what's what it's like there, 1st priest, well, it's full of drunks and junkies. I can't wait to get out of there. Just goes to show what they think of their parishioner.I won't say which of the two church's they are from...
Judith 12/04/2016Well perhaps he's just an honest man?
Nothing wrong with that
gerry12/04/2016Speak for yourself, but I have lived in Inchicore for the last 30 years, and i am not a junkie, or a drunk, and never have been...
judi13/04/2016Calm down Gerry, nobody said you were.