Street Bins

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Sean14/03/2016HI All,

Anybody notice over the last week or so that the DCC bins on the street (such as outside the bus stop on Emmet Road) are overflowing a bit more than usual. I noticed the same on the bin outside the Grattan Park. Are they being collected less regularly these days? It is causing the place to look really messy at the moment.

Ger04/04/2016Yes Sean, they seem to be regularly full, to overflowing, on Tyrconnell Road as well.

There appears to be a general waste problem in Inchicore, particularly the dumping of untagged rubbish bags. The Council clear these but that unfortunately just encourages people to believe that they can get away with this on a regular basis.

The environmental waste app and the fixyourstreet app are great for notifying the council of these issues. Hopefully when they analyse the data and see how often this is happening something will be done about it.
Vincent06/04/2016Part of the problem is residents dumping smaller bags full of rubbish in street bins rather than paying for bin collection like everyone else. I see this happening on a regular basis around Emmet Rd.
kEgan06/04/2016Unfortunately for all of us who live in Inchicore, pay for our waste disposal, yet those in corporation housing pay for nothing and dump all over the place. It is about time Dublin City Council fined them as they would anyone from private housing. The mess of papers and bottles left all over the place is a disgrace.