Bin collectors

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Noll 10/03/2016Hi
As of July time this year Greyhound will only collect waste in bins and not bags. My neighbour and I are thinking of sharing one bin as we live alone. We live behind the church in inchicore near the apple garage .would any one have a recommendation of a good bin company or is Grey hound fine ? Do they all charge for extra weight ?

Thanks very much
Ger04/04/2016Is this a fact?

Are Dublin City Council going to inform residents about this? Have I missed something?

The first I heard about it was a salesman from Greyhound aggressively telling us to get these bins?

We have nowhere to put these bins during the week (terrace house, no garden, only a tiny yard which is down half a storey from the front door).

The only information I can find about this is