June bank holiday concerts Kilmainham

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Alan C10/03/2016There has been an application to Dublin City Council for an event license to hold 3 nights of concerts 3rd,4th and 5th June.
Personally I find these events very disturbing as I can't access my home during the concert.
Anybody can make an observation or objection to the Council for free to be considered before they make a decision.

To do so you need to give your full name and address and comments and can mail them to Dublin City Council:
events@dublincity.ie reference: OEL 0003-2016
Alan C14/03/2016In addition to the above a second application has been made:
OEL 04/2016 for 26,28,30 June and 2nd July.
This brings to 6 the number of events in June and not all on weekends.
Anyone else think this is excessive ?
ML10/04/2016Hi Alan,

I also live in the vicinity of IMMA, and I do not have a problem with these concerts taking place. It is only for a few evenings out of the whole year, and it brings good business to all of our local shops, pubs and restaurants. It is people like you who take the good out of everything.

You can't access your home during the concerts? Do you mean you are physically prevented from entering your home? If this is true then it's completely wrong and I suggest you have a meeting with the Guards in Kilmainham.
Alan C11/04/2016Hi Shea, no I meant I cant access my home by car so if I'm out and try to return home from about 10:30-12:00 I cant get home as the road is closed. (Inchicore Road) Its similar for Kilmainham Lane. This is for crowd dispersal/control at the end of the night.

I actually don't see there being much of a benefit to the local area as a result of these concerts, apart from the shops selling alcohol and the pubs getting a few hours of extra trade. Not exactly worth the hassle.