New Kilmainham Restaurant thoughts?

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JF19/02/2016Hi all,

My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary next weekend and are looking to try somewhere local. I am wondering what the new restaurant in Kilmainham (across from Four Star Pizza) is like? Haven't heard much, but would love to hear what you all think to help us make our decision!


In my opinion, the atmosphere is really nice and buzzy; service is good with well-trained staff.The food is of a high standard but... there is not a whole lot of it and it is fairly expensive- expect to pay at least 50.00 per head.
Matt20/02/2016It's very noisy! Not the place to go for an intimate evening as you have to shout at each other! The room needs some kind of soundproofing. They have two long tables with high chairs in the room which will not suit everyone. There are smaller tables but you would probably need to request one when booking.

There are too many table staff all tripping over each other! Food is OK but I've eaten better for less in nicer surroundings! It's the kind of place you'd try a few times and then not return!
Ann25/02/2016Union8 is a fabulous spot highly recommend it. I've dined there twice since it opened and can't wait to go back.

The food is delicious, staff super friendly, decor very tasteful with a New York feel. Prices are what you'd expect to pay in Dublin.

Here's hoping that more places like this open in the area.
Dee28/02/2016Ive been twice for dinner (once for the early bird which is fantastic value - think it was around 22 for 2 courses and coffee and its the same menu as for the night). Prices are what youd pay in the city, around 20ish for most mains and portions may be smallish but its really good food prepared and presented well. Heres hoping more places open in the area like this!
Eoin01/03/2016I have been there once and plan to go back. It's a bit on the pricey side but the food is really nice. It's great to have a quality local restaurant close bye.