Inquiry from Australia - Schools, etc in New Kilmainham

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Graeme Lacey28/01/2016Can someone help? A female relative (now deceased) is shown on the 1901 Census as living with 130+ other girls in Grattan Street, but I can find no record of such a ?school. Another record suggests it was in St Vincentís Street. I understand in 1880 there was a building within Goldenbridge convent that was certified as an industrial school and named St Vincentís Industrial School. It opened with an initial intake of 30 girls but later expanded to 150 girls (from Wikipedia and the Ryan Commission), I do not wish to bring up old wounds, but were there any other girlís schools or workhouses in the immediate area? Do any records of Goldenbridge (around 1900) exist?
Alan28/01/2016Hi Graeme,
The Sisters of Mercy have an extensive archive at the Baggott Street location and have records on every resident.
It does sound like your relative was at Goldenbridge there would have been no other industrial school in the area.
You can contact the Sister of Mercy records office and they will search the archives for you and share what the find.
Graeme Lacey29/01/2016Thanks Alan for the lead

Regards from a (very) hot day in Queensland