Plans for St Michaels

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Sean07/01/2016Hi All,

What are people's opinion on the following plans for St Michael's ( Is this a good thing for the area. It could be a new lwase of life for the village if we got in some young professional people in the area? However it could go the other way and be a disaster? Any opinions

e. ni fhaolain09/01/2016Will be a disaster if Dublin City Council have anything got to do with it ! Currently this whole area is overrun with DCC housing ! all the graffiti, rubbish dumped, methadone chemist could go on ..... Hard to sell any property here, property agents described area recently as "full of anti-social behavour", so think on.....young professionals !!!!
grace18/01/2016Very negative comments considering the property agents have opened offices in the area, wonder why they would bother if property was that hard to sell!!!! I think it will be great for the village and hopefully some more restaurants similar to the standard offered by Enotico Torino would find enough business to open and stay viable in our lovely village.
Judi21/01/2016Hi Grace, I would imagine the negative comments about Dublin City Council might be based on past experience? They are not particularly good at providing housing and where they do they often create social problems that last several lifetime, e.g. St Michaels Estate.
It would be wise to be cautious about any plans from DCC to build housing here.
Brendan21/01/2016If estate agents are describing the area as full of anti social behaviour it's a bit weird that they keep posting stuff through my letter box encouraging me to sell my house to meet the demand of people looking for property here.... (I just moved into Bulfin with my girlfriend last year and love it so far)
Judi21/01/2016Hi Brendan, the Bulfin Estate is a great place to live and has become very popular recently. I believe much of its popularity is due to St Michaels Estate being demolished. When the flats were there you might not have been keen on living beside them.
I'm sure nothing like them will be built again but its reasonable for people to be suspicious of the Council as they have a poor track record.
rirtafagan22/02/2016Can you all hear yourselves. St Michaels Estate had a collective evection of 346 families. What they are proposing is 300 morgage families. Poor people live on rich land and this is what happens . Let me inform Inchicore the regeneration team will be fighting this plan at a time when 120 000 families are on the waiting list. This is a national crisis .Rita St Michaels
DK23/02/2016I don't agree with your opinion Rita. In fact, I completely disagree with you. There has to be a limit as to how much social housing an area can take. There's a over abundance of social housing in Inchicore already.
Judi24/02/2016Well said DK. I think most people would agree with you.
Rita you need to listen to the wider community your being short sighted here, over loading one small area with intense social housing is not a good solution and you should know better.
There is no need to do this and there are so many reasons not to.
Their area needs affordable private housing and services and facilities and a major facelift.
Ray25/02/2016I agree, we have far too much social housing. We need private housing to improve the area. Inchicore is described as a disadvantaged area and some people want to keep it that way in order to keep their jobs.
Johnboy28/02/2016Yet again more cars getting broken into today, for some reason Sunday seems to be the favourite day for anti social behaviour. I can't say to much as I don't want to be identified and get burned out but I know they are from Tyrone Place and Emmet Cresent all social housing. They are just pure scum its in there genes but normal working people have to put up with it. And some people want more social housing, tell me 1 social housing area where people act normal?
GK01/03/2016Does anyone have the planning reference for this?
kEgan17/03/2016Traveller families housed by dublin city council cause all the anti-social behaviour in Inchicore and Gardai will concur pity locals did not object like Carrickmines residents
Ben19/03/2016Knacker gangs taken over Inchicore, sure they'll all end up in Jail but sooner rather then later!
G22/03/2016According to the Council documents when this was announced a further report on the proposals for St Michael's estate was meant to be ready during Q1 2016 so their might be some news on this shortly. See:
Jock23/03/2016If they start building on St Michaels Estate it's the end of Inchicore. No good will happen for the People of Inchicore, it will just become a cesspit of drugs, crime and gangland like it was before!
Judi23/03/2016The Council have placed these anti-social people there and they have a responsibility to address this.
They can do this by evicting, or threatening to evict any tenants that are behaving in an anti-social manner.
Why has this not happened here?
This needs to be taken up by councilors and the council.
You much make complaints of anti-social behavior to the council every time you see it. And the Eurospar Manager should be reporting every incident to the council and Guards.
If you don't do this you will have to just put up and there's no point moaning here.
Ger04/04/2016I had a leaflet about a public meeting on this tomorrow but I have mislaid it. Does anyone know the details? Time and place?
paul06/04/2016Where do they live? Sounds like great neighbors
JP12/04/2016Everyone has to object to building on st Michaels estate. Can you imagine 300 families like scaldy faces? If you own a property in the area it will be worthless. I see the people in Beamont. Don't like the council totally destroy the area again. Dublin has plenty of green spaces, why should Inchicore get them.
G21/04/2016Was discussed at Council Housing SPC on 29 Febuary. An update for the Council executive is available here:

It says:

"The working group is continuing its work to focus on Lands at O`Devaney Gardens & St. Michaels Estate and report back to the joint Housing & Planning Strategic Policy Committee in April of 2016. A procurement team is developing a tendering process for the Oscar Traynor Road lands.

The members of the City Council agreed that 30% of the dwellings on each parcel of land be for social housing, proposals to develop each parcel of land will include a provision for 30% social housing."