Underground Dart proposal - follow-up

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Paul Cullen21/04/2009The committee of the CIE Residents' Association is meeting later this week in relation to the consultation by Irish Rail about this project and there will more than likely be a public meeting in the area next week. More info later in the week.
Paul Cullen23/04/2009Statement from CIE Residents' Association April 23rd:

The CIE Residents Association is very much in favour of an integrated transport system for Dublin.

We are shocked at the plans that Irish Rail has presented for an underground line between Heuston & Inchicore. They are a major departure from anything that has been proposed before, and were developed with no consultation whatsoever.
It does seem that the plan has been hastily cobbled together with very little consideration of the effect on the local community who live in this estate.

The proposed DART station is in the middle of an industrial complex with no public access. The company is also very vague on when, if indeed ever, a station will be built.The location of this proposed station does not serve the existing village of Inchicore or surrounding areas. That was supposed to be part of its brief.

Situating the Station overground as planned would lead to a massive tunnelling operation works site in the middle of a historic and architecturally significant residential housing estate. This work would include massive 20m to 28m ‘Cut & Cover’ trenches in the heart of the estate.

It seems to amount to the use of the NDP and Transport 21 to facilitate CIE in a total redevelopment of the area of the works (70 acres), without any proposals or vision of what this might be and what impact it might have.

Other interested parties between Fairview and Heuston seem to have several years of consultations and input; we were informed less than a week ago. They are at Phase 3 we are not even at Phase 1.