Gangs around the estate up to no good, vandalising property e.g. cars

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J20/08/2015Hi all,

I am a resident on North Terrace and there has been a gang of "people" not quite sure of their ages around the estate on bikes. Last night there were cars smashed on the other half of the terrace and it's really not on, I also know of somebody on the square had a problem with two hooded people in the back garden on Sunday evening.

This is becoming an absolute joke, in my opinion considering there are so many lanes there should be CCTV cameras around the area and the wicked gate should be shut meaning there is one way out and one way in. I personally think that this would solve the problem.

There has been so many issues in the past of vandalism and anti social behaviour in our estate and it really is upsetting that these toe rags are coming in from wherever they're from, even though I have a pretty good feeling where they're from, and terrorising our area. Where are there parents if they are the same youths as last time?

Anyways please let me know how you all feel about this matter and what we can do to help stop this.

Alan c20/08/2015CCTV won't make any difference here.
I saw them going around on their bikes last night but what can I do about it?
They were just cycling around at the time.
If there was a community alert system I cud text in and let other people know they are around . That's all that can be done and this works well in other areas.
JP21/08/2015J, name where there from? I guess there from the bluebell flats but have seen them hanging around Emmet Cresent, I think they get drugs from 2 homeless looking old men who live there. A community alert system won't work as if you confront them, ur putting your life in danger and they'll know your home.
Kathleen Currivan21/08/2015The wicket gate being blocked off would render the estate less vulnerable to anti-social behaviour. It would, however, seriously inconvenience many people. There has to be a less radical solution.
Phil21/08/2015This forum was not set up to name people. The two men who "look homeless" do not sell drugs. The man who lives in the Crescent is over 70 and the other man lives in Mount Brown. They give cigarettes in order to get the gang away from the crescent which backfired.
J22/08/2015I've seen this gang around before, they're from St Michaels Estate. My daughter went to school around that way and recognises them from being around during the day. I've heard that they were up in the triangle not so long ago bullying the local kids, even stole one of their footballs! It's seriously not on! The Garda cant do much about it, except for give them a warning and hold them in the station for an hour as far as I know and then let them back out to go home to their dysfunctional families!

L22/08/2015I'm also aware of this situation, I was walking my dog around the square on Sunday night when I saw the Garda pull up outside a house and go in.
I also agree with J, these are the same children that hang around at the Eurospar terrorising people. Little good for nothing waste of space thugs!

Also, early morning on Thursday there was a white Toyota Celica flying around the estate which I also reported to the Garda. They're really being kept busy around here this week, this is a clear sign that summer is nearly over and the dark evenings are creeping when all this anti social behaviour starts happening.

Something seriously eeds to be done about this ASAP!