Suir Bridge

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Paddy K19/08/2015I just want to praise the man and woman who pulled two girls from the canal at Suir Bridge. These young lassies were in the water for some time, I didn't realise they were unable to get out of the water. The lads were daring them to jump in which I heard, I was walking my dog at the time. Thankfully this couple pulled them out. The girls were not able to swim as far as I heard. Something should be done to stop them jumping in, I know there are railings but nothing will stop these teenagers. Well done to the couple.
aidan 19/08/2015I saw the two people pulling the girls out of the water, I was at the Luas stop and I am sorry I didn't help. I thought they were messing in the water, they were there for some time holding on. Fair play to the man and woman who helped. Someone will drown.
Mary19/08/2015God I am really too,I thought the girls were messing too. The lads were egging on the girls, I thought the girls were waiting for the lads to get in the water too. I believe the woman was Margaret from the Vincent de Paul, I used to swim with her so they were looking she was passing. Well done to all, I will watch out in future and yes I agree someone will drown or hurt themselves.