Goldenbridge Cemetery

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Tess14/08/2015I just read in The Journal that 27 headstones were damaged in the cemetery. I have family buried there and I thought things had improved, I heard a rumour that the cemetery was going to be a "live" cemetery. Very disappointed.
jim16/08/2015That's a real shame. There is a few social housing places up that way so you can guess where these kids come from. What do you do to prevent it? Maybe make the parents responsible and cut their social welfare if it is proven that their kids were involved. Might make them take more of an interest in what their kids get up to.
Frank17/08/2015Jim, It is not the people from the social housing, everyone blames these people. The vandals live in Drimnagh, Bluebell and Rialto. The gardai know who they are. Maybe that bridge needs to be shut down, because once they run over it they are in the Sundrive Garda division. Too many people blame the people in social housing, there are very decent people living there.
Bernard18/08/2015Sorry Tess, I am sad for you but it's like Beirut around that graveyard. There is a primary school across from the graveyard and open drug dealing goes on all day, gangs of youths hang around intimidating women bringing very young children to school, it's just shocking but no one can stop it. The local TD Catherine Byrne, the school, the nuns in the convent, the gardai at Kilmainham are all aware of what's going on but none of them can stop it, so it's Beirut, lawless. Just move the school from Goldenbridge, then let the scum natives intimidate each other!