Dog ran under a bus last Saturday afternoon 18th July 2015

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Yvonne Tuohy20/07/2015Hi,
Did anyone see a white dog on Saturday afternoon? He ran out from South Terrace onto the main road and under a bus. Last seen running back up South Terrace so he was able to get away and there was no blood on the road. He's been on my mind since and I would like to know if he's okay. He was small and white (possibly poodle or bichon frise) with a red collar. Thanks, Yvonne
kathleen currivan20/07/2015He was there on Wednesday too. Ran out in front of my car as I was going up Sth. Terrace. Met him a few minutes later when I was walking my own dog but he would not come to me. Beautiful dog. Hope he's ok.
Yvonne Tuohy20/07/2015I found him and he is fine. He lives in Abercorn Square - about 3rd house on the right as you turn in there. He seemed absolutely fine. Owners didn't know that anything had happened. So relieved. Thank you for replying.
Kathleen Currivan21/07/2015Thank God he's ok. :)
DK22/07/2015It sounds like the dog was Coco. He lives on South Terrace not Abercorn Square.