10 acre site

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sean10/07/2015I attended the meeting last night about the 10 acre site of Michael's Est. I thought we were going to see plans that the Board had agreed on, instead it was the same old story. DCC will sell off the land to the highest bidder, no matter what people want. there is talk of a survey. How many times have we had surveys, plans etc and nothing happened. Who will pay for the survey. Last night was a waste of time.
Chris12/07/2015Hi having attended myself I found it very interesting can't believe I suggested a shopping centre. Senior citizen accommodation is the only option for such an historical part of Dublin,
Ken12/07/2015I was at that meeting last night. I thought it went very well. I think the people involved did a great job.

There is a 10 acre site that is known as st Michaels. And there is a 1 acre site which could be sold for private development

There was some participants who were very negative in their outlook but there is always a few of those. They couldn't think about the future and wasted time talking about the past. It was rather disruptive as there was people going off topic. But i think overall everyone worked well together.

I'm glad most people suggested the 10 acre remains to have a park or a space for all ages of people. Also most people were happy that the 1 acre site be used for elderly living accommodation.

I was disappointed some people asked for a car park, a supermarket, Or a Gardai Station. But that's what they wanted so who am i to judge.

The next meeting of this type is on September 9th, topic will be different as i think it will be about inchicore in general.

Again, i was very happy with this meeting.
anne12/07/2015Ken, maybe it is your first meeting. We have attended these meetings since 1997 and no matter what you suggests it never comes to anything, DCC have to sell the land because so much was spent on Thornton Heights. The senior citizens complex everyone agrees with except the Dept of Environment. We had great plans and some of us still have them. If you had attended as many meeting as we have since 1997 you would understand. Anyone I spoke to afterwards felt it was a waste of time and I spoke to many. I was born and reared in Inchicore so I know the majority at the meeting.
pat12/07/2015I agree with both Sean and Ann. Most people came away frustrated from that meeting. I think we went to the meeting hoping there was good news. I was on committees for many years and know how many times the people from Inchicore were disappointed. There were people there who lived in S.M.E. and all they have seen is Bulfin Ct, Emmet Cres and Thornton Heights built. I agree with Ann that DCC have to recoup the money spent on Thornton Heights. We were in the Community many times and Fishambles St to see plans. One plan was to build something like 3 estates with 360 houses. St pats then wanted to build a stadium and build duplexes in Richmond Park . I could go on forever. I also know people were very unhappy with the meeting and like Ann was born and reared here over 70 yrs ago.
Pauline13/07/2015Ken you really have to accept what the people of Inchicore went through over the past 20 years. Great plans, great launches, community centre, Kilmainham Jail etc. Great glossy plans so much money wasted. I cleaned out a lot of these brochures, filled about half my wheelie bin. Eilish, Rita andJohn Bissett were on these committees. Met with planners, architects etc. You think you have got something and then your hopes are dashed, you cannot be positive until the foundations are laid. One great plan was to have a Civic Centre, including a stats of the art library with proper internet services. Inchicore needs a library that is accessible for wheelchair users, a decent supermarket, more affordable houses. I know someone high in authority who says the site will be sold and there could be 6 storey buildings. Nobody wants this, nobody wants St Pat;s Athletic to build a stadium. It is fine for people talking but if you live close to this area you want the best.
Anna13/07/2015I agree with most things that was posted, I am long time in Inchicore and have seen plans before. I think we need housing. I feel sorry for the people who have gone through this before as they need action not words. People living beside the 10 acres need closure. They are suffering with burning copper and rubbish on the site.
mary13/07/2015I went to the meeting feeling positive but once again came away frustrated. I thought there might be ideas from the Board, I found it very noisy when broken up into 4 groups. I hope something good comes from this but like the previous we have gone through this before and our hopes were dashed every time. The new people in the area haven't a clue what we
have endured.
Judi15/07/2015I'm sorry to say the problem here is that locals and the regeneration board are fooling themselves if they think they can decide what to do with this land. Unless they have a EUR150 Million or so then they can just hope something decent is done. Until a planning application is made their views are irrelevant as history has shown.