The Dart in Inchicore - a blessing or a curse?

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Paul Cullen06/04/2009So there's talk of the Dart coming to the CIE Estate in Inchicore. We'll see - we've been promised the Luas twice before.

Do we need it anyway? Haven't we the 78A, the 79 and the other bus routes through the village?
John09/04/2009I think it would be a great thing for the Village and surrounding area. You would be 3 stops away from Stephens Green and it certainly would beat having to go on the 78A
Danny Keleher09/04/2009I'm of the view that the station at Inchicore would be highly benificial to the commuity of Inchicore and very much needed. The bus service is not adequate. The 79 bus is relatively ok, but not that frequent. The 78A bus is very slow, it can take ages to get into Westmoreland Street. A huge advantage to our community of the proposed train station in Inchicore is the speedy access to the city centre that this will provide. More importantly perhaps is the seamless access to the rest of the rail network for the residents of Inchicore; i.e. Dart and Mainline at Pearse station, Metro North to the Airport from Stephen's Green station and Intercity at Heuston station. The Luas doesn't serve Inchicore that well at all as it's too far away up by the canal, rather slow to get into town and doesn't link up well with all the other components of the rail network.
Paul Cullen09/04/2009I agree. I think it would be great for the area. Not only would you have a quick link into town but you'd have direct connection to trains all the way up to Drogheda.

I do think, however, there would be a price. There's no way they'll built such an expensive piece of transport infrastructure without it coming with high-density development. That probably means high-rise, probably on the used parts of the lands owned by CIE. It's hard to see how that kind of development would fit comfortably with the history and architecture of the CIE Estate.

So there'll be huge changes, not all of them good - that's assuming this thing goes ahead.

In any case, I think it's really important that people get down to the Hilton on the 20th to find out exactly what's being proposed...
Finola 15/04/2009I live in the CIE estate and can't imagine how the Works will change to cater for a) the development phase and b) the new station. Yes, transport-wise, it's good, particularly given the reduction in bus services which we're already experiencing. But whether the local infrastructure can handle it, or whether that's desirable in terms of the character of the area, is in question.
Pete O'Loughlin16/04/2009The consultation on this project is on Monday and really anyone living near Inchicore village should get along to hear what they say.

The times give are 5-8 pm which probably means we'll be treated to a team of Irish Rail staff smiling at us from incessantly from their display panels, just like the Luas guys came and smiled away and then diverted their route away from our area.

Big organisations don't like meetings anymore, as they're far too democratic and they end up getting it in the neck...
The "proposed future" station is up inside the works with no public access planned. It wouldn't seem to serve the present village of Inchicore very well, as it is a nebulous proposal, and if it comes to fruition it's a bigger walk from the village centre than the LUAS at the Black Horse.
John20/04/2009Its important to push for an underground station like all the other stations on the route and that the tunnel comes close to the village and that the station is closer to the village then is presently planned
JO25/04/2009The proposed "future station" is a turnabout facility for trains,for operational purposes. There is no public access, it is in the middle of an industrial complex. Inchicore needs a station that people who live here now can walk to, that serves the existing residents of the area.
John Martyn27/04/2009I fully agree with Joe's remarks! The present place for the station is a long way from the Village, it would be more suitable to have an underground station at the corner of Sarsfield Road near where the School is, this would serve Inchicores present residents as opposed to a station being built for future apartment dwellers. If it is benefiting CIE to extend the DART to Inchicore to should at least repay that by putting the station underground and as close to the village as possible.
treasa quinn28/04/2009I attended the meeting tonight and it was great to see such a great turnout, we need to fight this tooth and nail, the integrity of this estate should be preserved, i was lucky enough to grow up here and in turn was very lucky to return and rear my children here, i hope that the next generation are able to do the same
Michael O'Flanagan28/04/2009Does anybody notice the humour or the irony in the decision of the residents of CIE estate to “Come Out Against The Dart Proposal” when the very existence of CIE Estate derives from the establishment of the Railway Works on this very site? Indeed the proposal to link the railways at both ends of the city was presaged in the Commissioners report to Queen Victoria in 1838 prior to the establishment of the Inchicore Works. I quote as follows ; “It appeared exceedingly desirable that the general terminus, or rather point of departure of the Main Trunk Line of Railway for the south and south-western districts of Ireland, should be advanced as far as possible into the city of Dublin; and I therefore strongly recommended to your Commission, and you were pleased to approve, that the general terminating station should be fixed at Barrack-bridge, at the west end of the quays bounding the south shores of the river Liffey. Barrack-bridge is only 1 mile from the General Post Office in Sackville-street, and is approached from the first contemplated station at Island-bridge Road, entirely through open and unimproved land, without disturbing a single building; and an additional mile of Railway into Dublin is thus attained at a comparatively minor cost. A further, though prospective advantage attends the terminus at Barrack-bridge, viz., that the Railways at each extremity of the city may be hereafter connected, in the manner explained in a Report I have already laid before the Commissioners; and, though such an extension through Dublin may form no part of the Report or recommendation of your Commission, it may not be altogether unworthy of consideration, that such a Railway connexion may, at some future time and favourable occasion, be made at a moderate expense, and with great facility.” Charles Vignoles, Civil Engineer F.R.A.S, M.R.I.A , M.Inst C.E Trafalgar Square. March 1838.
Fr. Lorcan O'Reilly29/04/2009 While there is no doubt of the merits of aspects of the DART project and the need for an integrated transport system there are clearly strong objections to the impact the last minute changes that Irish Rail have made will have on the Inchicore area and in particular upon the CIE Residential Estate and residents along Inchicore Road.

My objections centre on the proposal around the creation of the entry point for the tunnel within the CIE estate as it will have a negative impact on the quality of life of the people who have lived here for many years. As outlined the plan involves the destruction of some homes, the loss of key local amenities such as the football pitch and social club.

Many of the residents in the Estate especially some of those who may lose their homes have lived in them for nearly all their lives! In light of this, the reported comment from a representative of CIE to say people will be given the option of vacating their homes for the duration of a project that will last at least five years demonstrates a lack of respect for the people and the local community.

It is incomprehensible that this part of the project should not be undertaken from within the adjacent grounds of the Inchicore Railway works where Irish Rail own 76 acres. Given the scaling back of operations over the last number of years there is ample capacity within the Inchicore Works to host this project.

It would also be good to know why Irish Rail have abandoned the original plan that would have seen the tunnel commence on their property at Heuston Station.

A relocation would greatly reduce the impact of the project on a community that has had strong relations with CIE for many years and where many of the residents have either served in or continue to work for its constituent companies.