Lead pipes - Bulfin Estate

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Mary 09/06/2015Does anyone know if there are lead water pipes in the Bulfin estate? The houses date back to the 1930s so it's probable. Any clue how much it costs to replace them?
Local Resident09/06/2015Unfortunately there probably are lead pipes in the Bulfin Estate.

The typical remedial cost is estimated at 1500 to 5000 per house according to the news media today.

There definitely are lead pipes in all the houses in the CIE Estate, with the exception of the ones built from the 1980s onwards such as Abercorn Square. Those newer houses such as Abercorn Square do not have lead pipes
nofool19/08/2015all this talk of lead pipes! I remember 30 years ago there was a huge scare about lead pipes and pressure then to change the pipes in most of the older areas of Dublin. Does anyone find it coincidental that its announced in the press nobody is paying their water bills and Eurostat hang out the government about their failure with Irish water.
Low and behold the next week all the talk in the newspaper owned by the same guy that installs the water meters is about the danger of lead pipes and how "you might have lead pipes in your area!"