"The Pitch" -Bulfin estate to be dug up bu Irish Water

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Alan C03/06/2015For info. The pitch at the top of Kickham road/O'Leary Road is to be dug up by Irish Water sometime this year.
They have applied for Planning permission to close the area off as a compound with no details.
It would be good to see what they have in mind for reinstatement.
planning ref: 2855/15
Michael O'Flanaganm03/06/2015Very Interesting!!!!!
Rosie04/06/2015Very interesting indeed! I have contacted various local councillors/ TDS about plans to do something with this unsightly area and have had contradictory reports back. A councillor advised me that storage tanks underneath ground were being removed- no indication of what replacing it. A TD got onto County Manager who advised that there were no plans to do anything with it.... Anything has to be better than what's there now anyway (hopefully).
Alan C04/06/2015Hi Rosie, Clle Brid Smith raised this issue at the October 2014 South Central Area Committee, and asked the Area Manager about this (you can watch the webcast online)
The Area manger informed her that Irish Water will be replacing the underground tanks and hopefully improving the appearance when complete, but he had no details and didn't seem to have any interest in the works.
I think Irish Water are trying to do this solo and will probably just tarmac over the area again if allowed.
Alan C04/06/2015I forgot to mention Independent Cllr Paul Hand had a similar motion at that meeting, both are interested in this topic so worth contacting with any feedback
Rosie04/06/2015Thanks. The local TD indicated that there had been plans for a play area some years ago but said that there was some opposition. Hopefully won't be allowed to be simply re-tarmac'd anyway.
Rosie04/07/2016Hi- just wondering if anyone has any further information about the Pitch, now that Irish Water is in a 'state o' chassis' ?