300 new homes to be built in CIE Works?

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Jane22/04/2015Anyone know anything about plans to build 300 new houses in the CIE Works? There's rumours about this going around but I can't find any evidence of planning permission?
Alan C22/04/2015Hi Jane, there is a Framework Plan for the Inchicore works approved as part of the Dart Underground project. I cant find a copy of it online.
I think Irish Rail would still need planning permission but the council would be obliged to follow the Framework plan so they would get it no problem.

Interestingly, CIE did try o get an exemption from the Council this month to demolish the Telephone exchange in Inchicore Works but were refused so they will need to apply for planning permission for whatever they are up to!
Jane22/04/2015Thanks Alan! Traffic is tight enough as it is coming into the estate without an extra 300 cars adding to it! Hopefully if it does go ahead there will be an alternative entrance built?
Alan C22/04/2015The idea in the Framework Plan was that there would be a new dart station there which would provide a way in/out as well as a new Luas station.
There would be access from Jamestown road and pedestrian access from Landen Road and Railway ave.
This is an old plan though.
I would say that the rumours may be part of the Business case being updated for Dart Underground, the houses are probably to be used to help pay for the construction.
I would wait and see it will be along time before you see anything happen