Inchicore as a music cluster

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Enda 17/04/2015Hi everyone,

I have lived in Inchicore on and off for the last 10 years and recently moved back to the area. The amount of vacant commercial property is astounding.

When you look at all the strengths of the area:

1) Good transports links
2) Proximity to over 1 million tourists in nearby attractions
3) Proximity to town
4) Village centre
5) Vast and deep history in the area
6) Vacant property etc.

This has led me to map out a strategy that's fits with the area, is achievable in the short term and provides a distinct location identity that can draw in domestic and tourist demand.

I have reached out at a high level to local TDs and councillors in the area but realise this will need to be driven by the community.

The core requirement is develop Inchicore as a specialist cluster, attract in business and pursue a walking trail from Guinness, IMMA, Kilmainhan Jail down into Inchicore.

Music is the perfect match.

1) Domestic market and demand is a huge market but it's spread out in the city and outer city

2) Tourism for Irish music and all things irish is a huge draw for tourists

There is potential to attract in 20-30 companies to the area with the right coordination and starting with pop up events in a coordinated manner over weekends or events. This takes collaboration with property owners, business owners, Dublin City Council, Tourist body's etc to build a coordinated roadmap and plan of confidence for all stake holders with low risk and upside.

Here is an overview of the types of companies that can cluster in the area and this cluster effect is proven internationally to draw in more associated business be it new shops, cafés or office rental by adjacent professions.

I have a list of all companies in these areas and I am confident that with flagship support from Dublin City, Tourism and local property owners/stakeholders this can be delivered.


Instruments purchase

Records and record player shop

Vintage shop

Fan merchandise shop

Sound systems, gig equipment etc

DJ club and radio systems supplies


Music classes for youth and adults by type of instrument in venues


Sound proof rooms for bands to book and practise
Studios for recording music, bluescreen studios for ads etc.


Tour of Irish music history e.g. U2, Dubliners etc. held in bars and venues in the village (take traffic from music venues in nearby town and tourist pubs and provide a better user experience e.g. Multiple locations in walking distance is a core selling point)

This is two pronged:

1) Virtual gigs using Microsoft technology to learn and attend big name irish acts of the last 80 years in experience venues, in a Berlin like use of buildings

2) Live gigs in local venues/pubs in the village using the Brazen head pub model

I would be interested in feedback on this and how such projects like the barracks renovation has been driven in the area.

This is a big opportunity for the area and my interest is limited to forming a working group and planning this in more detail for execution into a working model.

Can you let me know feedback?

Frank17/04/2015Looks great would broaden it out s little to include all sorts of music
There is a recording studio down near St pats hospital as well
Alan C17/04/2015Great idea, I play piano and would love a local Music shop and I also take lessons in the City Center, I would be supportive if these were available locally.
I have noticed a huge amount of people play Piano and other musical instruments in the area.
Enda 17/04/2015100% by shinning a light on the focus, it's ultimately the business owners that will shape what will work. My view is if I'm a tourist and there is no need to wait 20 minutes for a bus at Guinness, I can walk the path and end up in Inchicore where I can experience Irish music history in a virtual tour and live gig experience in a building like the old laundrette converted and multiple other similar experiences in the village, complimented by businesses that services the local and tourist market like classes or shops etc.

I sent this on to a friend that's keen on music, loves it wants to open the practise studios with 8-10 rooms-he says the one near st pats has no sound proofing and poor quality and the other options requires cars and trips out of town to use them.

Enda 17/04/2015Lessons is a huge market be it children, teens, adults or professional.

It's a proven model that if you centralise services it becomes a self propelling success.

In other words, with the area attracting the tutors, they attract the students, they use the practise rooms and they buy from the shops.

How you kick start something like this is the conundrum. I believe that with a domestic and tourist town plan it can move fast with properties ear marked, property owners provide the space low cost and flexible, Dublin city backs off on rates and a steering/working group defines the plan in full and targets the key players to shine the light on the area and attract the business owners in. Any ideas on progress works to move something like this forward?
Enda 17/04/2015Ok have a firm statement of interest for the tourism strand of the plan from a colleague I worked with previously. I will update in more detail but some immediate questions are on identifying the owners of property in the area and what's not in use or full use. And getting support from Dublin city on linking up tour buses, bikes and mapping the route to the village.
Guest18/04/2015Mick Wallace owns - I think - the space next to enoteca. You could try contacting him to see if it could be used even temporarily. It was briefly an exhibition space a few years ago.
Guest18/04/2015Also the patriots inn has good music a couple if times a month. A bit East for your plan but there's a good network around it.
Enda 19/04/2015Great ya forgot about the Mick Wallace connection will reach out to him. The core requirement for this to be successful is a fully coordinated process and roadmap. Greystones has been suggested as a model, it's a hub for teaching, shops, studios, music sessions and some weekend music festivals all supported by the tourism boards.
Alan C19/04/2015I would also Suggest making it the Inchicore & Kilmaiham Music Cluster, there would be a lot of advantages to extending to include Kilmainham:
First its a simple way of drawing in the tourists who already flock to Kilmainham.
Kilmainham has some good Music venues: Hilton Hotel do live music on Fridays, Patriots Inn do various live events, music and comedy and Karaoke.
There is a small Piano School in Kilmainham on Mountshannon Rd:
There are lots of professional in the music industry living in kilmainham e.g. Brian Kennedy, Bill Hughes and some music venue companies (riggers and equipment) and many more.
You would be quite surprised at the concentration of musicians and professionals from the music industry that live in Kilmainham
Enda19/04/2015100% Alan, I see a route around in a circle from the Jail as the optimal area of vacant property and connections to transport.

In an update a funding application has been made for a social fund and business development program as a route to create a platform to make this happen over a five year period. If successful this would provide a fighting chance for a coordinated implementation.

Siobhan20/04/2015Hi Enda,
Common Ground would really like to talk to you about this idea. Could you contact us at or phone 01 7078766. Common Ground is an arts development organisation working in the area for the last 15 years. We work with musicians, children and adults, in Rialto, Bluebell and Inchicore.
M20/04/2015Very good idea. Are you aware that there are traditional music and popular music courses at Ballyfermot College. Many of the students travel through Inchicore on their way home. Music shops and performance venues would be used.
Enda 20/04/2015Thanks for earlier Siobhan, I will follow up with you later in the week once I cover some more ground. @M thank you, I think we are getting consensus that this path can move forward as a concept and with more engagement with stakeholders for the scope to make it an action plan for the area. Comments and feedback have been very helpful in continuing and pushing this forward. I will be seeking to meet local government bodies on this and understanding how it fits with any of their current planning for the area.
Michael Moore. 21/04/2015please drop me a line.
Michael Moore.
Belfast School of Art.
Grace23/04/2015This sounds like a fantastic idea. Inchicore is a great base for tourists considering it's proximity to Kilmainham Gaol, the IMMA, the War Memorial Gardens, the Phoenix Park and Guinness storehouse and also the excellent public transport available, not to mention Heuston station and the M50. I wish you every success with this venture.
Dan24/04/2015Sounds like an amazing opportunity. Inchicore actually has quite a density of residents who are actively involved or closely linked to the performing music industry from chart topping musicians to agents/artist management and music journalists. I'm sure all these people would be supportive. This could be the lift that Inchicore needs to reach its real potential. Maybe a local information meeting at some stage as you progress through the lobbying and communication phase?