Prospect Villas

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Anna13/04/2015I see the 2 derelict houses, Prospect Villas are going to auction on 21/4. I checked the Allsop site, they have not inspected the property and I think the reserve is not to exceed 182,000. That is very steep for the state of the 2 houses.
Peter Mc13/04/2015I had a look at the Allsop Ireland website a moment ago and it says the reserve is not to exceed 190,000. I reckon the a prospective purchaser would effectively be paying for the site. Will be interesting to see what happens at the auction.
tess13/04/2015I am watching the Allsop site and I think the price keeps changing. I understood that it was sold after Christmas but the sale fell through. If it is not sold the houses should be demolished and just sell the site
mick22/04/2015I see the sale the houses were not sold at the auction. They should be knocked down.