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BG11/04/2015Has anyone are the inchicore area seen the council repair items logged on
I have heard good reports in other areas but they dont seem to action any in the inchicore area.
Alan C12/04/2015Hi BG, I have logged many issues on fixmystreet and in most instances the Council eventually repair them, it can take weeks or months but most are repaired. Some seem to be ignored.
examples: The council are currently repainting the road markings on Grattan Crescent, reported only a week or two ago.
They replaced/repaired the damaged red speed bumps in Inchicore village a couple of months after reporting same.
I recently logged about 20 individual reports of pavement defects in the village, and the damaged red speed bumps on Jamestown Road, and also the poorly degraded road surface at the junction of Emmet Rd and Tyrconnell Rd (multiple people have reported this).
So in summary the council fix some issues but the big items are very slow to come and could benefit with some support from local politicians if any are willing!

I would still encourage everyone to report issues.
Jane06/05/2015Three times now I have logged a complaint (with pics) to the fix my area site about illegal dumping in the CIE Estate. Each time the complaint was marked as completed but nothing at all has been done? What can I do now? Is it worth getting on to a local TD and if so, who?
Alan C06/05/2015Hi Jane,

I saw your reports on, I have logged lots of dumping on there and generally the litter wardens respond well.

Your reports were referred to the South Central Area Office, this is what they do if its not domestic rubbish (e.g. furniture or building materials) They generally removed items within a day or so.

I expect there is a reason they didn't respond to your reports, perhaps the area is in private (CIE) ownernship?

I would advise contacting the Area office, I have mailed them in the past and they were very helpful and usually respond within a day or so.
let us know how you get on.....

Liberties Rialto Kilmainham Inchicore Office,
Floor 1,
Eblana House,
Marrowbone Lane,
Dublin 8.

Tel.: (01) 222 5200

Jane07/05/2015Thanks. I've e-mailed them so hopefully I'll get a response. Will let you know.