Inchicore Community Sports Centre Closure

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Elaine Snowden01/04/2015As you may have heard, the Inchicore Community Sports Centre, is due to close along with 5 other Dublin City Council halls, on June 30th, 2015. I understand that a funding cut from grants provided by Pobal has resulted in a 200,000 shortfall and a decision has been taken to close the hall. As I'm sure you know, the area surrounding the sports hall at Bulfin Road is dilapidated and attracts anti-social behaviour and crime due to large areas of undeveloped and unused land and the neglected St. Michaels Estate. This will only increase if the centre is left dormant and the area is likely to drastically fall into disrepair with it becoming a no-go area after dark.

I skate with Dublin Roller Derby and as a league, we're devastated by this news. Inchicore is home to our teams, DRD A, B and C, our Non-Skating Officials and Referees not to mention all of the other talented groups using the hall each week. It's a busy, diverse place and we don't want this community resource to be closed.

There will be a public meeting on Wednesday, April 15th in the hall. This meeting is being organised by Brid Smith ( and we're encouraging everyone who can to attend.

Thank you.
Eoin02/04/2015Is this not a problem with an application from DCC and the VEC
Could it not be raised at Council level by Cllr Smith and others and the cllrs who sit on the VEC boards to sort the mess out
mick11/04/2015The problem with the Sports Hall was resolved between DCC and VEC