The DART Underground Project

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Patrick15/03/2009Anyone have information on the amount of tunnels going through the CIE estate for this project,or when the tunneling is planed to start?
Michael O'Flanagan15/03/2009DART UNDERGROUND Projected Completion Date is 2015 The Current Status of the Project is the preliminary design of the project has been completed. The project is due for completion in 2015. Work is currently underway on the scheme design, geotechnical investigation and preparation of an environmental impact study including a detailed archaeological report. Iarnród Éireann expect to submit an application for a Railway Order to An Bord Pleanala by the end 2009. Elements of this project will be undertaken as a PPP, Iarnród Éireann and the Department are currently examining a number of options for the PPP. The Project provides for a DART Underground, largely in tunnel, to connect the existing Northern Line to the lines running out from Heuston Station. New stations will be constructed at Docklands, St. Stephens Green and High St. and these will link with Pearse and Heuston Stations. This project is receiving funding from the EU under TEN-T 2009 programme. The DART Underground is considered to be the vital “backbone” of an integrated public transport system for Dublin and key to optimising the benefits to be delivered through other elements of the 10-year plan. Crucially, it will eliminate many of the existing city centre capacity constraints that are attributed largely to the existing Loop Line connecting Pearse and Connolly Stations. Higher capacity and more frequent services can be provided by allowing diversion of traffic from the existing congested city centre line, and by reconfiguring DART and suburban rail services so that there is through-running of services between different corridors. For example, existing DART services from Bray/Greystones will run on from Pearse Station to Maynooth/Dunboyne, with the option to transfer at Pearse to the Northern DART or outer commuter services. The DART Underground will thus open up access to the city centre by rail from the range of inner and outer commuter locations. By linking key nodes such as Heuston, Pearse and St. Stephen’s Green, it will also facilitate easy interchange between all rail modes and with bus. Only electrified trains may run in the DART Underground tunnel – this has implications for the extent of the suburban lines that may benefit from through-running and also for the rolling-stock acquisition programme. Currently, it is anticipated that the existing DART line will be extended (through electrification) as far as Balbriggan, the Maynooth line and the Navan line would be fully electrified and that the Kildare line would be electrified as far as Hazlehatch (see electrification of and provision of rolling stock on the Dublin suburban network). This project is being part-funded by the Ten-T Executive Agency of the European Commission.
David Sherwin22/07/2009Patrick,
On March 15th you wrote "Anyone have information on the amount of tunnels going through the CIE estate for this project,or when the tunneling is planed to start?".
I'm curious, as far as I am aware, CIE did not publicly announce their intention to move the DART underground project from Heuston to Inchicore until April 13th or thereabouts. How did you become aware of it a month before it was made public?
Patrick23/07/2009The process of identifying land ownership and title along the proposed alignment corridor obviously took place well before the announcement.
Alan C24/07/2009Seems the reason for the lack of consulation and hasty planning of the extension of the tunnel to Inchicore all stems from a directive from Misister Dempsey:
LR24/07/2009To answer David Sherwin, it was known by some in the local area as early as January 2009 that a tunnel would be dug in the vicinity of the CIE Estate.
David Sherwin24/07/2009Patrick, I'm not aware of the process of identifying land ownership being started until April 16th which was in conjunction with notification of teh first public "consultation" on April 20th.
The Irish times article does not mention Inchicore and specifies a 5Km ish tunnel, not the 7 Km or so now proposed.
LR, tell me more, please.
Patrick25/07/2009David.In relation to my question of 15/03, not according to correspondence received at the time.Where did you get your dates from?
Local Res27/07/2009David, I mentioned that as early as January 2009 some Inchicore residents knew that there was a plan to tunnel in the area. As far as I know, it wasn't a big secret. I don't want to say on a public forum how they knew as I don't want to get anybody in trouble.
Catherine Currivan27/07/2009We were visited by a company representative the morning after the public meeting in April (and we live in the then- proposed war-zone).
Patrick27/07/2009David: I checked the corresponding received at the time it referred to the 5.2 kilometer tunnel
David Sherwin02/08/2009Thank you one and all. I am just interested in keeping CIE/Iarnroad Eireann honest. The extension to Inchicore was not made public until about April 13th when it appeared in the Times, (that's where I saw it anyway). Then the first public consultation took place on April 20th? CIE has said publicly that they decided to investigate the Inchicore option in November and didn't make a decision on it until March (I think), and then presented it to the public in April. This becomes important in relation to the time allowed for local residents to educate themselves on the implications and if necessary lodge an objection to An Bord Pleanala when the railway order is lodged in the last quarter this year.
Alan C23/08/2009Think tank: Radical departure for Dublin rail plan
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