paths in inchicore

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sean01/03/2015Can anyone do anything about the paths in Inchicore/Kilmainham? I helped a woman who fell on Tyrconnell Rd. last week. She was elderly but thankfully, wasn't hurt, just got a shock. A few weeks ago a man tripped walking along Inchicore Road, he was visiting the jail and they asked directions for Memorial Park.Again he wasn't hurt. I admire the work the people do cleaning up the village and the canals but could they not try and get the council to repairs the paths. There seems to be a lot involved in that group. I was involved many years ago in a lot of work in the community but due to age and ill health can't do much now. I have written to DCC and various TDs and councillors but to no avail.
Alan C02/03/2015Hi Sean,
you can report path defects to the Council online using or you can download a phone app called FixMyArea. If you give the exact location and description, preferably a photo of the defect the council will inspect it and if its dangerous it will be repaired.

I have reported path defects, and where they are dangerous they have always been filled in a matter of days.
Alan C02/03/2015I reported this (you can see a photo if you click on images on the right hand side)
Within 2 days the dangerous path was coned off and prepared for repair.
IEG03/03/2015Hi Sean,

I emailed this to the councillors and DCC. I would also echo Alan's advice about Fix My Street. It has definitely worked for litter in the past and I'm sure it would be in their interests to sort out any really bad footpaths as they wouldn't want any claims.