Death of a young boy in the area

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Deirdre 29/01/2015Hi everyone,

It has come to my attention that a young boy who attended the Oblates school oassed away over the weekend from a brain tumor, I believe that he is under 10 years of age (Don't really know much about him).
This is an awful tragedy, but I have heard that his school are doing a collection for his family I think it would be a lovely gesture for the local community to donate a small amount to this fund, I know times are hard but it's at times like this when tragedy strikes that it is nice to come together as a community to show our love and support for his family.

Any amount would really help this family, and it can be given into the Oblates school, not sure to who but I'm sure the principal or school office would be able to advise you who is running the collection.

mick30/01/2015I know this boy and his family and while I now you mean by highlighting this issue, this family are very private and would not like everyone knowing about them. It is already all on facebook . I know this family since they moved to Inchicore and knew both children and know what they are going through. I think most of Inchicore have of this sad news without it going on the internet. I was with the family over the last few weeks.
Laura30/01/2015Well said Mick. They are very, very private people.