Choir at the lighting of the tree ceremony

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Grace 27/11/2014I was at the tree ceremony last night with my partner and 2 children who both attend the Oblates, we really enjoyed the evening it is great to see the community come together, but one think that bugs me every year and I doubt I'm alone with this matter is, why is it always Gaelscoil who get to do the choir each year? Would it not be more fair to change between each school in the area each year? Is there something special about the Gaelscoil children?
Jamestown 28/11/2014I agree. The Model school choir is taking part in the Peace Proms in February and would be great to see other kids given the opportunity to perform.
Judi28/11/2014You should really be asking your kids teachers about this, I would imagine this particular choir is the the one performing all the time because the teachers are giving up their own time free of charge to organise and attend these events.
I'm sure everyone would welcome choirs from every school but it's really up to the teachers in those schools to arrange this.

It's not anything special about the kids at the Gaelscoil it's their teachers that have been generous and supportive and it's fantastic to see.
They are setting the example for the other schools to follow.
Well done to the Gaelscoil.
cie28/11/2014I, and many others, disagree with your ostensibly disingenous analysis Judi.

Our family attended the tree lighting ceremony this year for the first time as our youngest child is in juniour infants in one of the excellect schools in Inchicore - not the gaelscoil. We were very surprised to hear that no other school has been asked to send children to perform in the choir at the tree lighting ceremony. We deliberatly did not chose to send our child to the gaelscoil for many reasons and, the more I am hearing, we are delighted with our decision. You purport to be knowlegable about the gaelscoil and your comments do nothing but affirm we were correct in our school choice.

Quite frankly, I find your comments are regrettable regarding your allegation of a lack of teacher interest in extra curricular activities in the schools in Inchicore.

It is a public event, organised and paid for out of Dublin City Council funds. If only for this, and not for my above reasons, it should be rotated each year between each school in Inchicore.
Kathleen Currivan29/11/2014I agree with the last comment. There is no shortage of talent or enthusiasm among pupils and teachers out there. As a teacher(not in the Inchicore parish), I thought the previous comments were unhelpful and divisive.
ma 06/12/2014I really think the choir should come from a different school each year and I will be suggesting that to DCC . Our Lady of Lourdes have a good choir as do Oblates and Model schools and these schools are all in Inchicore!